The time for a website that looks sad has come to an end due to a highly professional graphic designer that a website design agency has for your needs. Create a website that is exceptionally good-looking, professional, and robust with a little inspiration and the right agency at your side.

And in case, you want to keep a heads up with how to have the best creative web design, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that would give you the idea of how great it is. Moreover, it would also help you make the right choices:

Fonts & Fonts

Don’t presume that all the fonts are the same since various fonts boost different cultural or mental associations that would produce a specific atmosphere.
Do a research to have the fonts added that would complement your overall website branding, and not contradict it, shares a website design agency.

Written content

Don’t design a website letting your stream of knowledge take over. Don’t be vague but concise.
Do plan of a targeted, optimized and focused content strategy with a clear and powerful message. Use the right tone and vocabulary, where the readers get inspired and keep visiting your website made by the right graphic designer.

GIFs, Animations, and effects

Don’t use the effects and animations excessively to lead towards the dooming of it.
Do use the elements in moderation so as to design a website that is elegant, dynamic and vibrant.

Stock images

Don’t be cheesy with the model’s pictures that are common on every other website, shares the website design agency.

Do try to produce a relatable and real-life vibe so that the visitors can feel at home and relate to it, by using the photos of actual people.

Image quality

Don’t descend for a basic quality in images, nor go for the extreme one.
Do utilize the high-quality images that have been cropped and filters on it to optimize them. Let the graphic designer use their magic here.

Color scheme

Don’t choose the color palette as per your beauty choice.
Do make informed decisions of the color combinations to enhance the branding and the content of your website when you design a website.

Space distribution

Don’t overcrowd and clutter the screen with things as the visitors can miss out things.
Do produce a creative web design with a great content hierarchy having enough white spaces for air to pass.

Mobile design

Don’t forget to design a website that has a mobile version too that looks great, since more than half of the world uses their mobile phones more than their PCs to browse.
Do optimize all the components like the texts and the images for the mobile view, shares the website design agency.

Background visuals

Don’t select the background that would distract the visitors.
Do let the graphic designer add the best background that would inspire the audience and support the browsing experience.

Website layout

Don’t try to reinvent something that doesn’t suit the creative web design.
Do let the website design agency use the right UX standards so that creativity is there and the browsing remains a friendly one. This would also let the navigation stay clear and easy.

Use these points to get the best website designed by the right graphic designer and agency.