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A static website is the basic type of website that does not need any database design or Web programming. Designing of such a website will be more effective and useful for businesses, which do not change their merchandise and services more often. This means that these sites do not include dynamic data, but it makes the website look creative and attractive to customers. IMMWIT is a leading Web Designing Company specialist in static website design, offering services with the maximum professionalism at the best prices.

Why are static web designing services of IMMWIT are the best?

IMMWIT is a leading website design company in Delhi that allows business owners to explain their goals online in an effective and easy way. We’ll aid you greatly in planning, designing, as well as developing your website for the growth of your business. The major purpose of our services is to improve the online visibility of your business, thus you can highlight your merchandise and services easily and effectively. This, in turn, will allow you to get more customers, as well.

At IMMWIT, we’ll develop a top-notch website for your business by incorporating our experience and knowledge. All web developers in our business are adequately skilled to make your dreams true through their professional and dedicated services.

They will first review the profile of your business and understand the needs of your business as well as your business goals. They’ll then decide a resourceful static web page design, which will be more attractive and functional. Whether you need a small business website design or a top-notch website for your large business, we can create a business website that will best fit your business goals and your budget.

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While constructing a static site for your business, we’ll consider all the vital factors to improve the online visibility of your business. This will not only allow you to get more leads, but it will also considerably improve your online revenue. Some of these factors include:

  • Fast downloading.
  • Perfect design interface.
  • Overall consistent designs.
  • SEO-friendly .
  • Browser compatibility.
  • User-Friendly navigation

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The benefits of hiring our static web page design services

Hiring our static web design services means you are working with a team of dynamic, creative, and skilled web designers. This means that you’ll get your services that’ll go beyond your expectations. Some of the unique benefits of hiring our services include:

Every static web page on your website will be fully handy and responsive.
You’ll get an immense user interface.
Every web page will include premium, evocative content, which is relevant to your business.
Besides getting a cheap web design service, you’ll get website layouts and templates, which are designed in a professional way.
Your static design website will contain the logo of your business with attractive graphics.

Above all, IMMWIT is renowned for smart website designing services in Delhi due to incorporation of social media tools. The general static design of our constructed websites involves only imagination, creativity, as well as innovation. Contact IMMWIT if you want professional, reliable, and affordable static web design services in Delhi.

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Static Website Design FAQ’s

What is difference between static and dynamic website?

The only difference between the static website and a dynamic is that the editing of content. In static website, the users just cannot change their without the help of any developers. As the static website is created by using HTML, only a developer could understand the codes. On the other note, a dynamic website has a content management system which enables the users to change the content in the site. The changing and editing of the content is not important, but what is important is the purpose of having a website no matter it is dynamic or a static.

Can I edit/add pages static web pages?

No, you cannot edit the contents of your static web pages. When it comes to add more pages, the static web design restricts users to add more number of pages. Static website is well known as a parallax website which has only a single page and all the inner pages are displayed as sections in that page. That’s called static. So, you can manage the content like information, images and graphics added in the sections in the static website. Although you cannot add more pages to your site, but you can take the advantages of third party add-ons like GitHub pages, Google Forms, CloudFare and many others.

What is the Benefits of Static Website?

Flexibility is the main advantage of static site – Different objects can be desirable to match with the layout different if it is different for each page, and it is free to insert any special effects different designers from different clients asks for the theme- for example a Cover the author or match the story of the book for a different book and maybe books, match the conditions you want in a different theme.

How much does a cost to create a static website?

Owning a Static website is the more reasonable solution for having a strong online presence. The average cost of having a static website is between $300 and $1,000 depending on your requirements. The static form of website is more suitable for businesses that are having low budget as well as small and medium scaled businesses that need online presence to target their audience. After creating the static web design, the website is written in plain HTML which ultimately affects the cost and makes it the most affordable form of websites available in the web development industry.

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