So you decided to create an for your business? Congratulations! The online market is growing rapidly, e-commerce has estimated to reach $ 4 trillion by 2020. Now there is a hard e-commerce site that will buy to attract your customers. According to the canvas, there are a number of scientific reasons. Did you know that 20% of your brain is completely devoted to vision? Keeping this in mind, if you want to buy a sale, it is important to create a top eCommerce website design.

What is an eCommerce website?

Before the start, IA an e-commerce website means a quick look at what we mean. An e-commerce site is more than just a traditional platform, a place where a consumer does an electronic transaction on the Internet. Examples of e-commerce platforms include Shopping,
WooCommerce and Magento The advantage of choosing an e-commerce platform for your business (it’s B2B or B2C) is endless:

  • You can buy and sell 24/7
  • It’s easy for you to find your customers’ products
  • Buying and selling is a quick process
  • You were big
  • Less startup and operating costs (when compared to a physical shop)
  • Quick and easy to get started
  • Multiple design topics to choose from

Design is the Soul of E-Commerce Website

Your online presence will be considered as a virtual gateway for your business, by creating positive expectations for a positive brand and customer satisfaction to increase sales and loyalty. If you want to stay at your site and what you can offer, you will have to enjoy it a pleasant experience. So hire the for a Well Optimized E-Commerce Website.

Holding your customer’s eye is not about being an enthusiastic and shiny website. You want a design theme that talks with your brand values, and gives a feeling of trust, reliability and professionalism. There are several options to choose from. Fortunately, websites like Theme One will allow you to browse a wide range of design themes and filter them according to your desire.

Things to Consider for E-Commerce Website Design

  • Use whitespace to reduce the dislocation and create the visual hybridization
  • Custom font personality is easy to implement and easier to implement (thanks to Google Foto) – Just make sure your design theme allows you to customize the font and read the text.
  • Allow some adaptation to your Website Design theme.

Things to Avoid in E-Commerce Website Design

  • Bright carousel is not always a good idea
  • Hard to read for a long block of text (600px width for best reading)
  • Creating your homepage overcrowding with a lot of information creates a distortion

Importance of Responsive ECommerce Website Design

According to the research conducted in 2015, 56 percent of consumer traffic on leading American websites is now a mobile device. What does this business mean? By default, to get the most traffic and sales from mobile, you must make sure that you have a design theme that is optimized for the mobile benefits of mobile reporting sites that are optimized for various mobile screens, there are infinite there

  • Google uses mobile-ready as a ranking signal in Google search results.
  • Mobile usage is increasing (58 percent of Americans have a smartphone) and mobile purchases are only growing.
  • 61% of people have a good idea for a brand when they have a good mobile experience.


It is worth noting that the best practices should be completed in B2C eCommerce, B2C eCommerce is a different animal. Where E-commerce site focuses on trust and fidelity should be developed, B2B eCommerce store should be fully experienced-operated. They must meet the audience who already have a brand or trust distributor and loyalty, and instead should simply focus on usage, efficiency and transparency. In particular, bulk orders of multiple product types, as well as easy recursive mechanics should be looked at.