AMP, which is a brief name for an accelerated mobile page, is an initiative that has started by the technical giant Google, in which the company is able to use a broad range of time to speed up page load time. In a common man’s words, a fast mobile page is an immediate approach or technique that loads quickly to develop a webpage for static content.

This fact is being rejected that a responsive web design and AMP use the same programming languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, when a mobile page comes to develop, how they are created differently from each other. Today most people around the world want to use the internet on their mobile phones, so the responsibility of creating websites like developers is easily opened by people on their Smartphone by people.

However, slow page loads have become a big problem for people when they come to meet any website on their Smartphone. If the question is asked, people will be able to get out if the website can be opened once.

Importance of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google’s AMP is an incredible initiative that helps in fast loading content for mobile phones. Looking forward to providing content for users with a rapid speed of lightning, then you should use AMP, which also helps to achieve the income that is concerned to content providers, comes from ads on your mobile phone.

AMP is the most powerful version of HTML, which is the best way to get updates. AMP Land is the best-developed part when it comes to offering web pages quickly on a mobile phone and can work effectively with the current website. The way AMP works similar to Facebook Instant with Apple News and it offers a variety of ad networks. Therefore, making money from page views is very easy for any website. The only difference between AMP and Apple New and other platforms like Facebook is that it is an open-source platform.

AMP is an important identity or fact that is used by some of the most important media organizations such as Fox Media, The New York Times and The Guardian to understand that it is very important for users with a speedy lightning speed to offer content. Today, all companies can easily implement mobile page technology while communicating AMP pages for their website.

The major difference between Responsive Web design and AMP

It is absolutely true that both responsive designs and AMPs work effectively on mobile phones, however, the fact is that they are meeting with different goals or goals. As far as the reputable web design is concerned, it is a very important way to plan and design a website that users can access on smartphones and desktop computers. Generally, a responsive web design is actually a way to develop powerful websites that can be accessed properly by users on any device. However, Google’s AMP is an incredible speed in a beautiful web framework.

Besides, when a responsive web design is implemented on the website, you need to redesign the entire website. However, you do not have to do anything to implement AMP on the existing website. While it’s completely true that the reputable web design helps build quality websites, but AMP remains important.

Is AMP Important for Mobile sites?

AMP is a very niche problem solving: As quickly as possible provide mobile-related publishing content, content publishing content for mobile users, AMP is very good possibility that there is no better user experience than any other thing. However, AMP is not enough for those websites which depend on Web Rovers and custom JavaScript functionality.

On the other hand, AMP has been designed from the ground so that it can be highly customized for speed and mobile user experience. The AMP project is made by Google, and AMP has a very clear definition of how we look at a fast, mobile-friendly experience just like Google. Those who rely on Google for website traffic must pay attention to it.


Once again, the history was propagated as perspective Google offers a lot of initiative they could give years ago, not really popular with web development, but widely accepted standards by both its real developers.