Reaching the attention and interest of your visitors to your site is a difficult task. Only an attractive visual appearance and good ergonomics will help you to gather the attention that your website deserves. Capturing the interest of a new visitor is very important as it ultimately affects the revenue of your business. Your website is a medium of communication with your visitors and expresses your ideas and business operations through visual factors which will keep them on your site long enough to soak up your message.

Research shows that more than 89% of visitors search the website before making a purchase decision. In most of the cases, the website is the prospectus which makes the first impression of your company and its offerings. The look and feel of the website are the prime factors that deliver strong first impression to the visitors. It may not be surprising that the website is a decisive factor to engage online users. But what is more surprising is that how quickly the users decide their likes and dislikes for the site. It takes no more than a second for your visitors to form an opinion about your website.

Consider some Important First Impression Facts

94% of the first impression of the site is dependent on web design.
75% of users admit to making judgments about the company based on their web design.
Websites which have great visual appeal are perceived as usable and trustworthy.

Factors to make your Website Visually appealing

Design & Color

Design and color are the prime factors when it comes to making a website visually appealing. These factors are the first to catch the eyes of your visitors as they bypass the website. It is what makes them pause and looks through your website and its live social media feeds.

Color, on the other hand, catches the eyes and offers an instant layer of communication with the visitors. The color starts working even before the conscious mind of your visitor started thinking and the subconscious has already assessed something interesting. Selecting the right color is a physiological game which makes you win in front of your visitors. Our brains are like machines. They like to organize stuff so that it can be processed. And the subconscious mind communications in impressions. So, you need to break down the subconscious mind and communicate with it by selecting an interesting color.

Pictures and Graphics

The stock images have surpassed their glory days as more of us are now taking our own pictures. Now it is no longer an expense to hire a photographer and to take pictures of your office and your team to add to your website. If you are expert enough in taking photos, you can do it yourself. Your photos can go a long way towards communicating with the authentic visitors and creating a solid first impression on their minds. On the other hand, the stock photos look fake and their over means that your users can spot them on other sites affecting the credibility of your website.


A great website is intuitive and usable to everyone. It has taken us a decade or so but most website are now have shifted out what works and what does not. Here are your general areas of great usability which makes your website visually appealing to your visitors.

Immediately communicate the purpose of your business.
The simple and clear menu that organizes website pages
Helping and Inviting tone
Easy to read fonts
Enough information to help your visitors understand things
A focused layout
Customer support or live chat

It is the most forgotten factor when it comes to the visual appeal. The consistent design enables the user to focus on the message of the website. And an inconsistent layout means that every page forces the visitors to stop and relearn the language and then get back to abort what is important. So you need to design a layout that is easy to see, has a strong contrast between the elements and highlights the most important points in each page of the website. Once, you have decided the layout, keep that going through the rest of your website. Being consistent with the design means that your visitors can spend less time trying to understand how you are saying something and have more time to absorb what you are saying.


Creating a visually attractive website does not require any significant budget, but it is important to improve your sites major goals. All you need is to consider these prime factors as the starting point to help you evaluate your existing website.