WordPress sage theme is a starter WordPress theme that offers clean, modern design and powerful features to help you build a WordPress website. This WordPress blog post will talk about how the sage theme works and the benefits of using it in your next WordPress development project.

Gone are the days where you needed to know a WordPress Sage theme developer to build better WordPress sites. With these tools, all of that changes- and it can be done by yourself! This article will go into detail about how this WordPress sage theme works so you can use it for your next project as well.

What is Roots Sage WordPress Starter Theme

Roots WordPress Starter Theme is a free starter theme that has been built with Roots Sage, and includes some of the best Roots themes. It’s perfect for bootstrapping any new WordPress project or experimenting with different Roots themes. Roots WordPress Starter Theme includes the Roots framework, which provides a solid foundation for your website and eliminates the need to create boilerplate code. It also offers easy customization options with Bootstrap 4+, Font Awesome 5, Google Web Fonts, and more.

Roots Sage has been created to be an all-in-one solution for building modern websites, as we are no longer bound to a single technology stack. Roots Sage is built on top of Roots, which provides you with all the tools required for building professional websites quickly and efficiently:

How to Start Work in Roots Sage?

Roots Sage is a child theme of Roots, which provides you with all the tools required for building professional websites quickly and efficiently. Roots Sage has been created to be an all-in-one solution for building modern websites, as we are no longer bound to a single technology stack. Roots Sage is built on top of Roots, which provides you with all the tools required for building professional websites quickly and efficiently: Roots, Roots Framework Bootstrap.

From your WordPress themes directory, clone the git repo to a new folder named after your theme.

From your WordPress theme directory, clone the git repo to a new folder named after your template.


➜ ~ cd Sites/example.dev/site/web/app/themes/

➜ themes git clone https://github.com/roots/sage.git theme-name

If you have Sage the latest version, open up style.css and update the theme meta data within it.

Name your template in the “Theme Name” customization field. You will not be editing any CSS on this page, it is only used for information displayed to WordPress users.

After updating the theme meta information with your plugin’s new endpoint, go ahead and activate it from either the WordPress admin or via WP-CLI.

What is the WordPress sage theme?

The Sage theme is a premium restaurant WordPress template designed for restaurants, bars, cafes or any other eating establishment.The theme includes some of the most popular premium plugins on the market: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and Essential Grid.. For many people who are building their first or second site on this popular content management system (CMS), the themes can be an excellent resource. It offers all the features that WordPress users need, without any of the bloats. Sage also makes it easier for WordPress developers to organize their files as well as write better coding in PHP, the core language of WordPress.

Sage was first released in 2011 under the name Roots. The modern WordPress theme has changed over the years and has gone through several major changes.

Sage is not a theme framework, it is a WordPress starter theme. You should rarely need to update it and you shouldn’t create child themes from it. Being a WordPress starter theme, Sage is meant to be used as a starting point on new projects. The Roots team and community sustain the development environment of this roots sage your theme. Contributions are appreciated from everyone.

How does WordPress sage work?

Sage is one of the WordPress themes that it provides for front-end and back-end development, and it comes with many modern sophisticated features. For you to utilize JavaScript, it allows integration with Gulp and Bower for installing third-party packages directly into your theme’s core.

You can also reduce the size of images or use image optimisation software to find JavaScript errors automatically. It also includes ES6 for JavaScript, browser-sync for synchronous browser testing, web pack to compile assets, and concatenation of files.

Features of a Sage Starter Theme:

The WordPress sage theme offers a minimalistic approach and loads only what is required for your website to function. This makes it faster than traditional themes as well as saving you on server space and load times. It also offers WordPress users the ability to customize it, which is not always available with traditional WordPress development themes.

There are many features that WordPress sage theme offers to help you build your website. The WordPress starter theme comes with a drag and drop interface, beautiful parallax backgrounds, solid color schemes that are easy on the eyes as well as tons of other features like unlimited sidebars for even more customization options.

Sage is a WordPress starter theme that offers clear, modern design and powerful features to help you build WordPress websites.

A WordPress sage theme includes the following:

– WordPress theme development modern WordPress

– long form content writing services, with a focus on blogging and copywriting

– Gulp (for compiling LESS, optimizing images, JS errors, preprocessing CSS, aminifying files and more)

– BrowserSync (synchronized browser testing, Scroll on one browser and devices for testing)

– Bootstrap (CSS framework)

– Bower (for front-end package management)

– GULP for automation of tasks such as compiling assets or linting JS code

– Bower component installation directly into your WordPress theme’s core files.

– ES2015 for JavaScript with babel plugin which also helps in browser compatibility

– Blade templating engine which provides faster development process by using PHP language instead HTML syntax inside template tags. It also separates view from content logic so it simplifies scoping control over variables while maintaining the same power to customize without programming knowledge. The blade templating engine integrates seamlessly with bootstrap framework providing WordPress WordPress starter theme.

– A WordPress sage theme also includes Foundation framework which is a front-end web development platform that allows you to customize and build your own WordPress website without any coding knowledge. You can choose from many styles for bootstrap or foundation as well as make use of Bootstrap snippets in Sage if you prefer using the same modern templates on both front and back end.

– A WordPress sage also includes WordPress as a backend framework which has an MVC architecture that separates the code into three sections.

How to Install Sage Theme

Install sage theme in WordPress is easy. Simply download the WordPress starter themes, extract and upload it to your WordPress root directory. to get started, go to WordPress.org and download the Sage starter theme by clicking on “download”. Once it has downloaded, find roots sage your theme in your downloads folder or wherever you saved it and then open up WordPress admin dashboard > click themes > upload new theme from file. You will be able to upload sage theme by clicking upload and then activate it. You can easily install it by following these instructions:

– Click on WordPress.org and download WordPress starter themes sage

– Extract WordPress sage theme file from the zip folder (creates WordPress/sage theme directory)

– Upload WordPress sage starter to your WordPress root directory by going into WordPress admin dashboard > click themes > upload new theme from file. You will be able to upload WordPress sage starter WordPress theme by clicking upload and then activate it.

What’s Included with Sage Theme

The WordPress sage starter theme is a minimalistic, powerful starter themes that are easy to customize. It offers drag and drop interface, beautiful parallax backgrounds, solid color schemes and more features like unlimited sidebars for even more customization options.

Why Choose a WordPress Sage Theme

WordPress starter themes and theme frameworks are a good head start for web developers, but they do not provide enough resources to stay current in today’s modern development environment.

A sage theme can be an excellent choice for any website that is looking to use sage WordPress and wants a minimalistic, fast loading WordPress themes. With drag and drop interface as well as unlimited sidebars for more customization options, this WordPress theme offers the perfect start point for your new site.

Typically, frontend development tools include packages and dependencies for managing the process of developing a website’s design and structure. Front-end developers also use sage CSS to style page layouts, while JS scripts are often used to add interactivity on websites.

What are WordPress sage theme benefits?

With WordPress sage themes, you can expect a minimalistic approach to WordPress design that is fast and efficient. There are no unnecessary features slowing your website down or taking up space on the server. You also have access with sage to customize it as much as any other WordPress theme if you choose too! Sage WordPress themes are a great WordPress starter WordPress theme for any website as a modern development!

Options for the frontend

Frontend development toolkits usually include packages and dependencies for WordPress sage theme. WordPress themes are often css wordpres sage theme but js scripts may be themses to add interactivity on websites.

Activation of the theme

WordPress sage themes are WordPress starter that is easy to customize, drag and drop interface, beautiful parallax backgrounds, solid color schemes an more features like unlimited sidebars for even more customization options.

Build Frontend Assets With Webpack

Webpack is WordPress sage themes as a module bundler, and it is used for starter sage. Webpack takes all the dependencies in your codebase and bundles them into one or more files that are processed by the browser (synchronized browser testing) when loading your website to make sure everything works properly.

Theme Structure

WordPress sage themes come with a variety of layout options. This includes columns and grid layouts, built-in page templates, custom header images for pages or posts and much more!

· Theming the theme

One great benefit to using word pres themes is that it’s easy to use them in other areas like your blog post content. It can be used by bloggers who want an elegant interface without having to write code themselves from scratch!

· Options for customization of Theme

A WordPress sage starter word pretheme has drag and drop interface as well as unlimited sidebars for even more customization options. With this web design tool you are able to customize every single aspect of the


The Controller saga organizes the development workflow by issuing commands and monitoring responses to determine the next step. If a step fails or comes back with some error, we can use different materials for alternative reasoning.

Why Does Sage Framework Allow Websites to Load More Quickly?

Choose a theme and builder that are simple to maintain. Your better WordPress sites should load quickly, and function properly with the least amount of code necessary. The Sage framework is a WordPress-sized, heavily debugged and accessible general purpose website framework. The ready to use clean code will help you optimize your mobile UX and give you better lighthouse (page speed insights) results.

A poor and uneducated theme choice can do more harm than good for your workflow and web performance. A poor theme can negatively impact your development workflow and web performance and a good WordPress development team will try to explain the benefits of a specific theme for their development needs. Skipping a browser-based CSS preprocessor eliminates unnecessary components and poorly structured code. With this Framework, you get a out-of-the box structured semantic system with a streamlined development process that makes life both easier and more effective for everyone involved.

Why is it necessary to have a quicker website for the user experience and SEO?

The speed at which your site loads is one of the most important aspects of good user experience and also an official ranking factor in Google Search Engine. Site visitors today are impatient and will abandon your site if it loads slowly, so it is important to have a fast site to maximize search traffic. Slow websites can lead to website visitors not viewing pages, high bounce rates, fewer ad clicks and a lost potential customer. A site’s loading time affects its performance on a number of marketing factors, including organic search results, customer engagement, and conversions.

How does Sage allow for total control in the front and back-end development process?

Sage is one of the best WordPress starter themes that offers for front-end and back-end development, and it comes with many sophisticated features that will help you manage your site. To simplify JavaScript development, the WordPress Sage theme allows integration with Gulp and Bower. This means you can install third-party packages directly into your theme’s core to have a better understanding of how modern WordPress themes are designed. Using the Sage theme and modern WordPress development, you are able to create project roots sage on your own custom design. Doing this will enable you to spot potential bugs and mistakes as soon as you make them, which is much more helpful than committing those bugs to a large amount of code, compiling it all together, and then having an extraordinarily difficult time identifying the cause of your site breaking when everything is combined.

Why does Sage have an advantage over WordPress builders?

There are many great WordPress themes that allow people to efficiently build functional websites without the need for design rigor, but these won’t work well for professional developers and graphic designers.

As you know, site speed can have a major impact on website conversion rates and Google has confirmed the importance of website speed in ranking.

In our experience, websites built with Sage themes take one to three seconds to load on a mobile device; those made with other WordPress multi-purpose frameworks can take anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds. WordPress theme development should always be kept lean. When considering a WordPress website, you will more than likely not need any more features than the basics that come with the default installation of WordPress workflow.

The following is a list of all the technologies that can be integrated into the development environment;


Sass is a preprocessor scripting language for CSS. It provides the ability to create complex layouts and style sheets that can be automatically generated in various formats, including several cross-browser variations of well-known types.

SassScript was implemented in many different languages, including those listed:

· JavaScript

· Dart

· Vaadin

· libSass, the official C++ implementation

· Phamlp

· JSass, an unofficial Java implementation


Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework used for responsive, mobile-first frontend web development. The theme includes Cascading Style Sheets and JS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface components. It focuses on providing information to people in a format that is easy for them to read. By joining it to a web project, you can apply its selections of color scheme, size, font, and layout. Bootstrap provides style definitions for all HTML elements maintaining a uniform appearance across web browsers. You can also use Cascading Style Sheets classes from bootstrap to customize the appearance of your content further.

Bootstrap also includes a number of pre-made application components. These range from common JavaScript plugins, such as those required for dialog and tooltip boxes, to more unique ones such as carousels.

NPM – Node Package Manager

NPM(Node Package Manager) is the default package manager for Node.js NPM is a command-line utility that we can use to search, install and publish packages created with any programming language like Python, JavaScript or Java. It is a package manager for the JavaScript programming language. It provides packages of open-source code to be installed and easily distributed.


Composer is a PHP application-level package manager that provides a standard format to manage dependencies of needed php packages and required libraries. Composer’s main purpose is to make it easy for developers who use different programming languages (mostly PHP) to collaborate on the same project by sharing code that can be understood across all their platforms.


Sage Framework provides developers with tools to create project roots sage WordPress site that support WordPress Admin Panel while removing legacy PHP codes from the front end. This allows us to create stunning websites that still have all the WordPress features that you love, without sacrificing user experience nor SEO Lighthouse performance.