Are you tired of not getting proper updates on your ongoing projects after you have outsourced them to any organization? Are you irritated regarding the lack of communication and/or communication gaps between your organization and the contracted entity? If your answer is yes, then all you need to do is come to IMMWIT and never face these issues again.

The foremost quality you need whenever you outsource work is efficient work under a budget. But even though it just not come in bold scripts, communication is essential to any kind of business collaboration.

On a global scale, management tools like Slack, Trello and Gitlab are used for this purpose. These tools have separate “threads” or chat room-like features which allow group discussion among different individuals – be it for exchanging ideas, delegation of workload or for updates on successful completion of any job or part thereof. The best feature of these management tools used are that it provides a forum for communication; but at the same it maintains privacy of essential data since an individual can join any particular discussion forum only by invitation.

For example, within a single organization, the marketing team and the finance department can have separate forums but the CFO or the CEO may be a part of both forums as they belong to the senior management.

At IMMWIT we use such superior management tools to keep you up to date with all necessary information as well as queries and suggestions so that you receive the exact service that you require.