If you are looking for the best IT solution provider in terms of Content Management System, then you have come to the right place. We at IMMWIT make sure that your entire data is stored in a systematic way so as to ensure smooth operations both in terms of storage and retrieval of information. What’s more, we make sure that your data is search-engine friendly and easy to use for both developers and designers. Apart from that, we provide proper security and update the system whenever necessary.

For providing you the best CMS service, we have adopted the grav flat file system. It is a modern flat-file Content Management System which has been developed by RocketTheme. Also not very popular yet among the Indian counterparts, it is widely used worldwide for its for its many advantages.

The grav flat file system does not involve any database. In place of that, all the data and information like the content of the website and the configuration settings get stored in the form of plain text files. It is a dynamic process in which the text files are processed and then converted into HTML files on demand. The biggest advantage of the non-existence of database is that it is possible for us to manipulate the content dynamically, thus saving a considerable amount of your time and costs.

We at IMMWIT always make it a point to adapt and use the latest technology in IT solutions so as to give you the best possible service at affordable costs.