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AMP Web Design and Development Services

The Google AMP web design provides great changes to get the best SEO visibility on mobile devices. It is a kind of addition that can improve your search engine results. IMMWIT is the best way to get Google AMP services in Delhi for your existing informational or eCommerce websites.

In order to have a better user experience and user interface for mobile devices, you need to have a new standard for building websites. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages is the new way to target your audience using mobile devices. The AMP can make your site rank higher on Google and can manage SEO with adding many benefits. The implementation of AMP will tend to work great and is used by many SEO Company across the world. The AMP is available with super-powerful content management system which reduces the loading time.

About Google AMP

An accelerated mobile page is a light form of a web page which is architecture for mobile devices. They are created by cutting down the amount of JavaScript and HTML that is used in creating the website. Our AMP developers are using the bare minimum amount of HTML and CSS for creating your accelerated mobile pages design.

The AMP is initiated by Google in order to make the framework accessible for creating fast loading mobile web pages. You might have seen that in mobile devices, the content pages take lots of time to load. Even after the text becomes visible the page continues to load. This provides an awful user experience which shifts the interest of the readers or visitors. Thus, Google AMP led to the improvement to the entire mobile content management system and providing an immense experience to the content creators, publishers as well as readers.

Why does your website need Accelerated Mobile Pages?

The AMP allows publishers to easily improve the loading speed of their web pages on mobile devices without compromising the revenues on ads displaying on them. Apart from this, you also have the AMP ad landing pages which are specially designed to speed up the entire user experience on different mobile devices. This all can be done by pre-loading the URL of the landing page in the ad and by forcing the landing page to use the AMP HTML protocol.

The main aim of AMP is to provide an effective ad monetization on mobile devices while following a complete user-centric approach. This is not enough as it also provides a comprehensive range of ad formats, advertisement technologies and ad networks in AMP. Thus, if you are having a mobile site and want to implement AMP to your current HTML you need the best services of a Google AMP development company.

We at IMMWIT works as a leader in developing AMP website for different business across the world. The AMP does not require any additional HTML site, instead, it works extremely fast and best on the Internet. It can prevent various issues like slow loading time, broken content structure and other issues.

The advantage of Google Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

The mobile users are growing day by day and AMP 85% faster than non-accelerated mobile pages. The principle benefits of accelerated mobile pages are that they are faster loading pages for mobile users. It reduces load time, decreases bounce rate, provides enhanced SEO and can easily adjust to any browser. While many website owners are looking to implement Google AMP pages, there are good reasons for you to implement it earlier than others.

Reduced Load Time

Google AMP is specially designed to reduce the loading time of the website. It helps to retain the interest of visitors by loading the page easily and with accuracy.

Low Bounce Rate

As the visitors can quickly view the page and its content with accuracy and without any hurdle in design, it helps to avoid low bounce rate from the website. Also, it provides improved mobile compatibility which also helps to maintain the visitors’ interest in the page.

Mobile Friendly

As the name itself suggests, the AMPs are accessible across all the devices covering more than 50% of consumer’s across the digital platform. This makes them the ideal mobile solution for your business.

Adjustment on any browser

AMP tags way that enhances the overall functionality to building the future web. Thus, you will get higher visibility rates on AMPs as they can adjust on any browser.

SEO optimized

Google loves AMPs. There is no need to customize your content as the search engines can easily discover your page. Thus, it enhanced the SEO for your site.

Increase the number of visitors

As there is an improved SEO, there is an increase in the number of visitors. You can find increased numbers of your visitors which can be your potential customers in the future.

Hire Expert Accelerated Mobile Page Developers in India

The Accelerated Mobile Pages build by our expert AMP developers, allows you better customization, and the best possible performance of your site. There is no need to build an entirely new site for AMP, as we can embed Google AMP pages into your existing website architecture. Our approach is a seamless solution to meet Google’s preferences. Most companies are offering AMP web pages development. We can do this too. Using the AMP code often increases the page load time of your regular website. Adding the AMP plugin may also have problems with other plugins, causing display problems. AMP plugins do not allow very much customization, and generic pages have a low conversion rate. Thus, hire our AMP website experts which can do the job for you

Amazing AMP features

In mobile devices, there are times where the content of the page loads first and it takes an immense time to load the images and the web design layout. This provides an unpleasant experience to the mobile device users, losing their interest in the site. And this became the ultimate cause for the accelerated mobile pages design.

User Engagement

With the help of Google AMP website design and development, you can create more user engagement on your site. It is necessary to engage them by providing the better user experience.

Navigate site easily

The Google AMP provides fast loading time, thus, users can navigate the site easily through their small screens. Otherwise finding their desired products or page was an awful task for the mobile readers.

Lazy load images

The main problem with the images is their large pixels for better clarity. You cannot implement large images for smaller devices. But with the help of AMP, the images with larger pixels can easily load fast and provide the good user interface.

Instant loading

The major benefit and feature of AMP are its instant loading time which retains the interest of your customers or readers, Also contributes in low bounce rate and thus generating revenue.

Are you Looking to AMPlify your mobile presence?

IMMWIT is the prominent Google AMP development company in Delhi that gives a great opportunity for website owners to add more benefits to their online presence. Being a web Development Company, we understand the need and requests for developing AMP pages. AMP is trying to access web development space. You can find some of your adventures in the industry. But not all experts of professional AMP development, as IMMWIT have good ability to rapidly develop and grow your mobile pages through global brands. Being a well-known web and mobile application development company, our services support large-scale enterprises starting at startup. We assist in adopting AMP web design to enhance these enterprises speed, SEO visibility, mobile traffic, and user experience.

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Google AMP FAQ’s

What is Google AMP?

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) can increase your website’s speed and it may be better suited for mobile users. It is an open source initiative created by Google’s AMP project. Google AMP aims to improve the experience of mobile users by better loading time and enhancing SEO.

What are the AMP pages?

Accelerated Mobile pages is a project from Google and Twitter which is designed to provide quick, easy and fast mobile page experienced to the users. It is generally a light form of HTML and JavaScript or you can say a diet HTML which makes it completely easy to load pages on any browser and on mobile devices. In AMP pages the use of HTML and JS is cut down to the minimum in order to make it light. It is a combination of AMP HTML, AMP JS library and AMP Google cache.

How does Google AMP work?

AMP website works to create quick loading pages. In order to use JavaScript, it is possible that you may have to scan this image and have it. In order to avoid delaying JavaScript rendering pages, AMP will only allow Asynchronous JavaScript. They should include writing the AMP page webmasters using any JavaScript, and instead using regular JavaScript, an interactive page should only include customized AMP elements in this custom JavaScript core, but they are especially effective in preventing web design performance.

Why is AMP important?

AMP is extremely important if you are targeting mobile device users. Right now there are more than 50% users who are surfing from their mobile devices. being a business owner, it is extremely necessary to target them and provide them better user experience. AMP website design provides quick loading time which reduces the bounce rate and retains the interest of your readers. This also helps you to generate more revenue through ad networks.

How does AMP schema work?

The AMP schema is structured markup that you can add to your HTML documents to help search engines understand your content, and it makes your snippets stand out in the search engine result pages. Search engines are very good at understanding the content of your content, but often you can help you understand your content better. You can define using This makes it more likely to display an enhanced snippet for their pages. Advanced snippets regularly snippets stand out from outside, which results in more clicks.

How to validate AMP pages?

There are many ways to validate AMP documentation. They all produce the same result, so all you need to use the way which suits your development style the best. In addition to AMP validation, you also want to confirm that your AMP document is searchable on third-party platforms. Besides, you can take the help of the best Google AMP development company.

What are the benefits of AMP page?

There are many benefits of implementing AMP page to your site. The major benefit of AMP website design and development is that it retains the interest of your readers by fast loading the content and images. As the page will load fast, there will be a low bounce rate which will ultimately contribute to your advertising revenue. Thus, it is very much important to implement AMP to your sites for providing the mobile first experience to your visitors.

Why is AMP page faster?

Google AMP pages are the light form of HTML and JS languages. While development, the AMP developers use the HTML and JS to the minimum, which ultimately cut off the loading time. Besides, the content and the images are quick to load due to their smaller pixels. This results in faster loader time and better user experience for your readers.

How much does Cost of AMP Website design and development?

AMP will provide better user experience with faster loading time for your web pages compared to any other technology. It is the best way to target and retain the interest of mobile users. If you are looking to invest in AMP then, you don’t need to create your website from scratch. You can simply hire the best AMP web development company for the job. The cost of Google AMP services in Delhi lies between $500 to $1000. This is quite affordable to generate ad revenues through ad networking of your web pages.

What is AMP web development?

The AMP is an effort by Google which created an accessible framework for creating fast loading mobile web pages. It enables publishers to improve the loading speed of their pages on mobile without compromising the ad revenues. You can also have an AMP ad landing page which is designed to speed up the experience. The AMP web development is done by pre-loading the URL of the page in the ad and by forcing the landing page to use the AMP HTML protocol.

How does AMP affect SEO?

The SEO and Google AMP works hand in hand. By implementing AMP to your mobile sites, we optimize your website layout from the point of view of search engines. We modify the website design as per the Google AMP standards. This makes it easy for the spiders to crawl each and every element of your website and to add them to Google’s index. Thus, with the help of AMP, your site will be ranked higher in terms of search engine rank pages.

How does AMP different from Responsive Web Design?

AMP and responsive web design both work on mobile platforms, but both have different goals. Responsive web design is a method of organizing the web design so that it works flawlessly on any device. In simple words, Responsive web design means flexibility of web design. Whereas, the accelerate mobile pages design serves the larger purpose as it works to enhance the user experience along with improving SEO factor of the website. It is a framework designed to deliver content to mobile users instantly. It focuses on speed.

We have been availing services of IMMWIT since a couple of years. The credit of my entire website and its maintenance goes to them. We heartily thank them for understanding our needs, and at the same time adhering to the rules of SEO. The Best SEO Service in Delhi, India at the Cost Effective Price. Thanks Guys! Keep it Up.
Vishal Jayant
14:58 24 Jul 19
We have been working with IMMWIT since 2013. They evolved in a very positive way through the years with the result oriented output. The company has the Great Web Design team and quick turn around on all projects and request. Team is very knowledgeable with SEO also and they always let us know when a new Google update is coming up before anyone even knows. If you want a reliable Website Designing Company in Delhi, India all them! I recommend 100% .
Rupa Shrivastava
09:21 15 Jul 19
The web designers and web developers are true professionals at IMMWIT. They understand my vision and make it a reality. The Website layouts and designs are fantastic. I am so happy with the quality website they developed for me. They were always there for me and came up with great ideas. Over all I will truly recommend IMMWIT to anyone looking for a professional website development company in Delhi, India at affordable web development price. Also I like their advanced SEO strategy towards my website for business promotions. Now they are also doing SEO for my Website. Thanks IMMWIT !!
DR. Vaishali Sharma
06:27 15 Jul 19
IMMWIT is not just a web development company; they are way more than that. I provided my website to them for web development services; they delivered me the well optimized and SEO friendly Website. And they suggested me the Website promotion and its benefits for Business growth with digital marketing now they are doing both SEO and SMO for my website. It’s really an effective way to generate business leads. I got more leads from SEO. Thanks IMMWIT for your SEO services. If I could describe IMMWIT with 3 words, they would be: Professional, Result Oriented, and Ethical. I wish them all possible success.
vishal bhatt
17:33 13 Jul 19
Excellent, working with IMMWIT was great. Thanks to their knowledge and determination now our website looks great and functions really well. I must recommend anyone who is looking for the best Web Designing Services in Delhi as well web development services for SEO friendly Websites. Thanks IMMWIT for your guidance through the process and beyond.
Amisha Shrivastava
05:26 11 Jul 19
IMMWIT is the best SEO Company in Delhi, India. I am really appreciated with their result oriented SEO Services. The best part of their work is Expertise in this field SEO with advanced SEO strategy. The SEO Team dedicatedly offers Quality SEO, SMO, ORM services. Now most of my high volume keywords rank on Top Page in Google and in other Search Engines as well. Thanks IMMWIT!! I must recommend this company as the Best SEO Company in India.
shweta bhatt
05:53 02 Jul 19
IMMWIT provides us the effective open source development services that abridged Development time and cost. They build a robust, fully functional and dynamic website. Great job Guys !!!
dheeraj goswami
01:40 29 Mar 19
By Getting AMP Web Design and Development Services from IMMWIT, Our Website becomes best SEO visibility on mobile devices now. Thanks guys for providing us the superb Idea of AMP Web Design that enhance these enterprises speed, SEO visibility, mobile traffic, and user experience. Highly Recommend.
Anil Giri
09:27 28 Mar 19
Improving my Search Engine Ranking through the Excellent Web Design Services by IMMWIT. They re-design my existing massy Website to a well-designed site with fast loading speed, easy navigation, and good user interface ranks higher is the search engine result pages (SERPs). Now My Website is rank on Top in Search Engines for many keywords. Highly recommended.
Sumit Raj
17:35 17 Feb 19
The AMP Developers at IMMWIT converted my non Accelerated Mobile Pages to Accelerated Mobile Pages which are lightweight web page architecture for mobile devices with many Best features like: Load web pages faster, Increase in number of visitors, Increase in conversion rates, Increase in mobile viewership, Increase in efficiency etc. Now my Website is ranking on Top in Google for most of keywords. They're very versatile in terms of new technology. Keep it Up Guys!!
As we were planning to redesign our website as it was totally messed up with an intricate layout. Fortunately, one of our Friends suggested us the right website designing company - IMMWIT. Their expert team found out the drawbacks quickly. Within a short span of time, they rebuilt our website effectively with better navigation and product view. Highly recommended as the Best Web Designing Company in Delhi. Thank you IMMWIT!!
General Cash Advance
12:47 07 Jan 19
Highly trained and experienced professionals at IMMWIT offered me the latest E-commerce Web Development Services. They built end-to-end e-commerce solutions that worked, based on my original budget. Hopefully, we will stay connected for years with this Best E-commerce Web Development Services in Delhi.
Devesh Kumar
07:43 16 Dec 18
It was a Great Experience work with trustworthy SMO Company in Delhi IMMWIT. We hired them for the Social Media Marketing; they used a variety of social media tools that include marketing not only on social media sites but also on various social platforms, developing blogs aimed at brand awareness, and article writing and promotion on various communities. Superb Job Team !!
KFS Housing
06:32 28 Nov 18
Love Your Expertise And Professionalism Guys. I must say the Best Quality SEO Services in Delhi, India. My clients love my website. You make me look like a big brand with great rankings too. Awesome Customer Support and Great Result. 👌👌
Joseph Clark
05:14 21 Nov 18
IMMWIT converted my non Accelerated Mobile Pages to Accelerated Mobile Pages and redesigned the exits web pages to lightweight webpage architecture for mobile devices, realized by cutting down the amount of JavaScript and HTML used in websites. Speeding up the performance of a website and its content. I got really Effective Powerful Web Pages with Quick Loading, Increased Visibility, Flexible Layout, Higher Rankings, Visitor Tracking Analysis etc. Highly Appreciated!!
anand kishor
06:55 20 Nov 18
The Web Designers and Developers at IMMWIT are true professionals. They understand our Requirements and make it a reality. The layouts and designs are fantastic. Communication is great. We made the smart decision and outsourced all projects to them and have saved thousands of dollars. The Team providing all result oriented services. Highly Recommended !! The Best Web Designing Company in Delhi India.
Lucas Davis
07:37 15 Nov 18
It is an amazing experience working with IMMWIT since 4 years. I wanted to get experience in php web development and use my skills with practical work in the company. Good environment, peaceful area for work. The management always appreciates the best employee and social also their mantra is work hard party harder.Great place for start your Career. So Professionalism and Best Learning Environment.
Chander Shekhar
05:36 15 Nov 18
It is definitely the best Website Designing Company in Delhi. They have fresh ideas for designing.Their programming capabilities and their vision for creating interactivity was incredible.They also know how to create something unique and beautiful and, at the same time, functions very well. It must be highly recommended, Thank You IMMWIT !!
Arab Divers
05:38 13 Nov 18
Excellent Web Development Company in Delhi, they are very professional, I hired them to rebuild my website, and IMMWIT delivered me a well optimized Website and developed Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) which increased my website visibility on Google. They put color, flavor and efficiency to my project, currently optimizing our other website, implementing new strategies. Highly Recommended & hire for the next development project.
Tiwari Education
07:07 31 Oct 18
I took SEO services from IMMWIT. They have delivered wonderful services and my business lead rates suddenly boost up. I can recommend anyone for this company IMMWIT without any hesitation.
Deva Goswami
10:34 30 Oct 18
Outstanding creativity Web Design and quality work done by these guys. You no need to worry about your project if IMMWIT Team is working on the same. They have designed a couple of websites for my various businesses and all the time I felt like an amazing. I am happy to hire this Web designing company in Delhi. These guys are not only creative even they work smart as well. On time or before time project delivery is their area of expertise. I would Highly Appreciate the ways they work and wish them a Good Luck for the future!!
Jyotika Chawla
10:37 12 Oct 18
IMMWIT, it is the best company I ever worked for!! Excellent experience till now, Great working environment, friendly team members, amazing seniors who are very helpful and supportive. The best place to learn new things where seniors and colleagues always help to enhance my skills. Lots of opportunity for freshers to enhance skill and explore the things as much as they can. Highly recommend to start Career at here.
11:27 10 Oct 18
In a very short period of time, we have been provided the best website and a lot of traffic for our business website so that we can create a strong base in the digital market through IMMWIT, Very Supportive Team also providing support even after project delivery. Highly Recommended for Quality SEO Services in Delhi.
Roops Mishra
10:55 27 Sep 18
Great service offerings. Keep up the good work.
viks singh
10:02 19 Sep 18
They are good at what they do. I appreciate their service offerings!
Pramod Shetti
09:07 19 Sep 18
Immwit put a great effort to design our Business website and also promote it. The Team work for not only improve the effectiveness of our website in the online world but also increased the business revenue up to 25%.  I highly recommend IMMWIT for business Growth. Great Job Team!!
Gautam Priydarshi
07:46 19 Sep 18
This company turned my online business around. They created us a lovely new website I really appreciated their web design services, the team is also working on my messed website and so far the design looks amazing and more creative. I would definitely recommend them without any hesitation.
Daisy Smith
08:35 08 Aug 18
Have worked with this company for many years and know all the team very well. They are very professional at all times and the quality of work is always beyond expectations. I have tasked them to either build or work on many of our websites and there is no job that they can not complete on time and on budget. I highly recommend IMMWIT Pvt Ltd to anyone seeking quality work by a top team.
David Ball
14:14 09 May 18
What a nice combination of knowledge & cooperation. Provides more than enough what we pay.
Rakesh Tiwari
10:21 08 May 18
Great understanding of project requirements. We have had 2 websites built by IMMWIT and I am extremely happy with web design and development and built top class website that instantly begin to rank on google. IMMWIT have been reliable and professional and above all I trust them.
PR Professional
09:53 07 May 18
Thanks IMMWIT really helped my small business to grow quickly. A long side this also created a wonderfully easy to navigate website for company.
Manish Singh
08:28 14 Apr 18
Trustworthy, knowledgeable, hard working and reasonably priced. I use these guys for lots of outsourced web development work. Recommend them.
Alex Hooper-Hodson
12:20 03 Apr 18
Thanks IMMWIT for the brilliant work and non stop support. Good job.
the key points: intrgrity, trust. we have used IMMWIT for a number of years to support our web development projects and are 100% satisfied with the service received. they dont always get it right first time but when they make a mistake they fix it and stick to initial quotes. Their ongoing support and ever evolving skills sets/integrity makes IMMWIT an essential part of our team. I can recommended their service without hesitation.
Mark Sharron
11:05 02 Apr 18
Thank you IMMWIT Pvt Ltd, you done great job. i am happy with your work. You Designed a very creative Logo for my company and Attractive Website for my company. Look forward to work with you Again.
Pooja Patnaik
10:03 20 Mar 18
Its good to see a complete team work perform over here. Specially dedication towards work is the best thing i personally feel here. Thanks for delivering my project before the date. Thanks Immwit!!!
Amit Chandra
09:57 20 Mar 18
Very good company
Amit Chandra
09:39 04 Jan 18
IMMWIT provides great opportunities to learn and enhance our skills and the work environment is also cool. IMMWIT provides highly productive environment ,a place can be found to improvise personal knowledge. Management guides whole team, time to time and boost employee moral to work. There are many other social activities to reduce boredom during regularly working. And have a great working experience with Rahul sir...sincere thanks to all...
anamika verma
10:16 12 Oct 17
Very helpful for establishing my new start-up ecommerce website. Thanks to Manish and Rahul for your endless effort.
puja gupta
07:34 19 Sep 17
very experience experts . happy to work with them. i recommend them for development and designing.
Sohail Khan
10:42 03 Dec 16
IMM Web Information Technology, php and seo hier to every one for IT work
R. K Singh
14:20 01 May 14

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