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Start_up to Brand

IMMWIT extensive Start-up Mentor team can nourish to support your products ranging from web integration to a mobile platform. Our Start-up mentors are very much expertise over each requirement to accelerate your business to the higher level by providing what exactly your customers would really need to see in your business.

At IMMWIT we scrutinise and suggest on what approach should be taken for a specific requirement, whether to go for a native development or a cross-platform or hybrid approach. We also suggest that on which platform to apply first, whether it would be iOS or Android or Windows or all of them at the same time, depending on the type of application and your target users. This helps a lot to our clients in getting to market quickly and budget their investment in the area that would benefit them most. We help by brainstorming on the right approach to going mobile required to see their app succeed and work together as a trusted partner.


What do IMMWIT really offer to Start_up firms?

Consultation and Strategies:  This would be the first step we take in trying to understand what the client has in mind-frame and how we can help to developing this idea. Though sometimes the market statics data can be bit confusing during the research, IMMWIT can step in to make you understand the challenges, advantages, and success for a particular requirement through our research team.

Design: Our design team is very much expertise to thrill our customer to make them use their website and mobile app would be the biggest challenge and design would be one of the most important aspects. The limitation of using the website in a small screen can be overcome with a best suitable design and IMMWIT can closely work with the client on that.

Deployment and proper testing

Development: After understanding the requirements sharply and clearly the initial planning is completed, the development work is started parallel along with the design phase by our expert developers and the ones that you can certainly depend on. We have expertise working in Core PHP, PHP’s Open source like:

WordPress: – All kind of website focusing on the blog.

Magento: – E-commerce website with by default payment gateway.

Drupal: – Secured and Informational Website.


All framework in PHP like:


Cake PHP


Digital Marketing Strategies

Connection: Once design and develop, the most important part would be publishing website and connecting the mobile application to the right and targeted customers. We help our client to maintain website content and post their apps in the respective stores for iOS, Android and Windows and guide them in getting them trained in managing their accounts.

Promotions: We also help our clients in determining the right marketing strategies to reach their target audience and collect the benefits from the SEO/SMO/PPC/Reputation Management and Mobile app advertisement.


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