Privacy Policy

Company Policies at IMMWIT


IMMWIT is committed to the protection of your privacy. We only request for information necessary to your web design project in order to quickly and adequately provide desired solutions for your company. All the information collected is strictly for the use of IMMWIT and it will not be exposed to third party viewing. When you place an order online with us, we protect your privacy using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Design Warranty

We warrant that all designs by IMMWIT are its own creations and not those of any existing designs or trademarks. We acknowledge that designs exist which might be the same or similar to the ones designed by us, but of which we are not aware of at the time of the creation of our own designs.

In the event that the payment policies are not followed by web design services carried out by IMMWIT, all of the client’s rights as they relate to the web design, including any trademark characteristics will immediately be returned to IMMWIT.

Payment Policy

Before any ownership of any service rendered is transferred, FULL payment is required. For clients who prefer a payment plan, we are happy to offer reasonable terms for financing. The website and other applications designed and developed remains the property of IMMWIT until the final payment is made.

As a policy, IMMWIT does not offer credits or refunds for hosting time already used up. Any third party software bought and/or installed on the client’s project is non-refundable and without warranty by IMMWIT. Also, payments made to sub-contractors for special elements for the clients as requested are non-refundable as well.

Refund Policy

IMMWIT offers a money back guarantees on designs that do not meet client’s satisfaction requirements. However, we will subtract a 18% administration fee from the original purchase price from the amount refunded. The refund policy is voided in any of the following events:

  1. When final consent and agreement has been given by you on the design
  2. When the recipient of the design makes changes to its identity or activities
  3. When the design is no longer required for reasons unrelated to IMMWIT
  4. When for more than 3 weeks after design contract has been signed, there is no communication from client
  5. When work has commenced on one of your samples

Mutual AgreementIMMWIT, based in New Delhi India agrees to act as an independent contractor for developing and/or improving a website to be installed on the client’s web space or on IMMWIT hosting service. IMMWIT is thereby authorised to access this account and has the write permission for all directories and programs requiring access for the completion of such project. IMMWIT is also authorised to publicise the client’s website to web search engines and other indexes.Any IMMWIT client agrees to the terms of this agreement on behalf of his or her organization or business.Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our company policies, please contact us +91-011-69999290