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With the increasing digitization across all sectors, it has become not only necessary but essential for businesses to have e-commerce platforms for its products and services. In the present fast-paced life, consumers no longer have the time to visit several shops in order to purchase an item of their choice. They would rather go through the catalog of available products and choose the one that matches their taste and budget. Similarly, consumers expect to receive the best service with just a few clicks from the e-store.

So if you want your business to grow across markets, then you definitely need an e-commerce website for the best results.


IMMWIT  Helping You Create Your Dream Online Store


In the last decade, e-commerce industry has grown by leaps and bounds. At present, US market has witnessed a penetration rate of 84% in terms of e-commerce business. The growth rate globally is expected sustained and thus most organizations are moving towards e-commerce portals for increased market penetration.

Advantages of Shopping Cart from the point of view of consumers include faster buying procedure, lack of geographical boundaries and most importantly, lower price. The lower price is due to the decrease in operational costs of the business organizations, which benefit both businesses and consumers. Another big advantage is the presence of payment gateways which make it possible for consumers to pay online using plastic money like debit and credit cards. It is not only convenient for consumers and merchants alike but also secure.


What Makes Us The Best In Providing E-Commerce Services

IMMWIT not only looks after the entire development of your e-commerce portal but also provides maintenance services of the portal. We also offer 1000+ updated products. Apart from these, IMMWIT provides payment gateways. Thus IMMWIT not only acts as a merchant account provider but also teams up with payment gateways to provide secure transactions, faster transaction processing, shopping cart features and a potential expansion of consumer base. At present, our channel partners include PayU Money, Telr and PayTM. We provide faster checkout and secure. We are best in magento development and magento ecommerce website.

If you are looking for complete business solutions for your best online shopping website, magento developer, magento website, opencart developer, opencart website then comes to the best – come to IMMWIT. You will not be disappointed.

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  • Communication and delivery seriously exceeded my expectations - I hope to have more Drupal and responsive theme work in the future so I can work with him again! Highly recommend him.

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  • Where do I start? There are so many things to say. I feel very blessed that when I chose my team for a big and cutting-edge project, I started with him. He is very knowledgeable in technology but when he doesn't know something, he takes it on as a project and researchers and grows and adapts. He is not afraid to put forth suggestions.

    Maxine Nneka Ebegbuzie Community Engagement Manager at UCB Canada Radio
  • Always respond my call and complete the job on time. Rarely get this kind work attitude to established company.

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  • My company use their android and IOS app for field service. Getting uninterrupted support by development team. Like their work.

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